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May 20, 2012
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Ive had my nexus 7 for I want to say 2 months and I've got to tell you I love it. But I want to give you some information on some apps that are popular that I've come across. First are the games Grand theft auto Vice city is a very good, fast, and smooth game especially if you have a tegra chip device. Another game I've downloaded is Call of Duty black ops zombies. Although its a bit weird in control its an overall fun game to play. Thirdly I've come across Uberstrike. For all of you Facebook gamers or online gamers you've probably heard of it on PC and Mac but on android its so smooth, and its so small. Its like as if I'm playing on a PC. It has multi platform on it so I get owned a lot by the PC players but once it gets more popularity on the play store I'm sure we can unite as android and Ios players. If feels just like the desktop feel and its only 50Mb of space, and space is a problem with my 16 GB device. And best of all its free!!
Another few apps I've come across that I absolutely love is ADW launcher which has the best animations, app drawers and smooth fluent movements. Z-Archiver is a VERY good unzipper to different files that you aren't used to seeing. A very good free app as well finally is neutron music player. It has very good bass, HD sound for even songs that sound horrible, and a safety limiter so you don't blow out your speakers. I will be posting screen shots of these apps momentarily. :)

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