Remote control on hedaset doesn't work


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Aug 14, 2018
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I've tried 2 different handsfree headset, one from Sony and one from JBL. The volume buttons and skip forward button works fine, but it's not possible to pause. Also, when I try to skip backwards (replay a song) it skips forward 2 times instead (skipping a song).
My husband have tried on his Sony Z2 Compact phone. It seems that the pause button works fine on his phone, but he has the same problem With the skip backwards button.
JBL sais it is compatible With Android but the way the Remote Control works is dependable from the phone maker and also the app you are using to play music. I am using Spotify.

Have anyone experienced the same problem as me?

All I want is a handsfree that is compatible With my Samsung S7 where I can adjust the volume and skip both forward and backwards. I'm also looking for a headset with lots of bass. And I don't like the in-ear solution (that blocks away sound)