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Feb 28, 2011
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Hello Everyone,
I am new to androidcentral and am very happy to be here. I am currently an iphone 4 user and have been doing some research for a droid phone for my upgrade in a couple of months.

I have a friend that has an evo shift with sprint and the interface is pretty cool so with me being on AT&T the HTC Inspire is basically the same thing without the keyboard which is great i don't care to much about the sliding keyboard.

So as of right now it seems the Inspire is the way to go but, I have this feeling that i'm cutting myself short and could be going for a better phone. Anyway one of the main features i need is the flash on the camera, i take lots of pics and videos of my daughter and wife and friends and whatever.

Also i just read that AT&T totally locked down our upload speeds for all android phones, that sucks. So going from pretty good upload speeds of the iphone to half the speeds will suck uploading to facebook and such.

Anyway, is there any way around that? I'm guessing that the upload speed lock downs are only for the at&t network now my home network right? Like with the iphone i auto use my home network over the at&t network, not sure if the android phones do this as well.

Sorry for the ADD questions and info i'm just typing them out as i'm rethinking about them.

So with all that said, should i stick with going for the inspire? I have a guy that might be willing to trade me his android for my iphone 4. I am tech savy but am new to android phones.

Thanks Guys

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