[ROM] Android 2.3.4 for the LG Ally


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Jan 5, 2015
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Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread For LG Ally

Viewpoint Technologies and I have been working on a Android 2.3.4 ROM for the LG Ally. This ROM is as if LG made Gingerbread for the LG Ally. It is so far very stable. The Beta is about 79 MB. That is 13 MB less than project Gretel! And the RC1 is 111.2 MB. The RC2 Public Preview is just a hair under RC1 coming in at 111 MB. That is because it has the LG and Verizon bloatware from Android 2.2.2. So you have a bit of extra space if you go with the Beta. But the Beta has more bugs. RC1 is the newest stable version available. The RC2 Public Preview I have not been able to test. Our testing phone is no longer working because in our testing process we modified some system files to try to fix the camera flash. There is a link down below to the Google Apps optimized for this ROM. And a download link to the LG Home Launcher. It's in the RC2 Public Preview. Feel free to install the LG Launcher on RC1 or the beta. And all the download links are direct links to MediaFire.

Please do not re-distribute this ROM in any way.

Download RC2 Public Preview (More features): VPT-Gingerbread-for-LG-Ally-RC2-Public-Preview.zip

Download RC1 (Stable): Viewpoint-Technologies-Gingerbread-for-LG-Ally-RC1.zip

The link to all apps and ROM versions: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6ppkdk1adcpbj/Gingerbread_for_LG_Ally




For More Screenshots, go here.

Known Bugs and Workarounds:

On 1st boot you must make sure that you go to Settings/CyanogenMod Settings/Display and un-check screen off animation. If you do not do so, this will result in device waking up to a black screen. Then you have to take the battery out! This is why I had to leave this! Also if you want the lockscreen to look stock, then go to: Settings/ CyanogenMod Settings/ Lockscreen/ Style Options. Then tap on Lockscreen style and select Sliding Tab. Also do that for Incoming call style. That's done! Yay!

Under Messaging/ Settings SMS split must be checked! Do not forget that!

Under wireless & network Settings/ Mobile Networks International Data Roaming must be checked. You will not roam on other carriers and incur any extra charges (roam is done via prl on cdma not a checkbox). This setting is required for a data connection.

Also the small on screen keyboard is no bug! That's how the WVGA stock Gingerbread keyboard is on a WVGA small screen device. To fix this, go to Settings and scroll down then tap Language & Keyboard. Next uncheck Android keyboard and now check the the box next to Gingerbread keyboard. This issue is fixed in the Public Preview (VPRB90)

Make sure to check "Always use proximity" under call settings and reboot after selecting it. This will allow proximity to work 9 times out of 10 assuming you slowly pull it away from ear. Pulling it fast doesn't register the proximity wakelock release.

Other stuff

I will keep this thread updated if I get any news. Most of all, I would like to thank Nx Biotic @ XDA-Developers for a large amount of help with this ROM. And also to the staff at Viewpoint Technologies. And thanks to the many others that helped to make this ROM possible! And if you are new to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, look here: Android 2.3 Official Video and here: Gingerbread | Android Developers. And here is a list of the changes made in the newest release of this ROM: New features in the RC2 Public Preview. When you click on the link to all the apps and ROM versions, it says there are 0 downloads for each one, thats not true! It's some bug I found. Did you know that this took me 48 minutes to type? At least that's over!

-Ryan Cunningham
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