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Jun 13, 2010
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Welcome to the ROM's and Mods HQ Thread

This is the beginning of the new ROM’s and Mod’s HQ thread. TreyDaPrince has asked that someone take over the thread and I have volunteered.

It is our hope that this thread will be a one stop shop for information about all of the ROM's, Kernels and other flashable goodies for our beloved HTC Droid Incredible.

I do not take credit for any of the work here, nor do I take credit for the initial compilation of this list.

[WARN]As always… I accept no responsibility for any damage real or imagined that may occur to your phone by using any of the software linked below. You flash at your own risk! Please NANDroid early and often.[/WARN]

I will attempt to organize into Sense vs. AOSP ROMS for all the ROM’s listed here. Where possible I will include links to Development Threads and Official Developer Sites for the most up to date information. Where I find that a piece of software is no longer being supported by the dev it will be clearly marked as Unsupported, so that new people do not unknowingly walk into the valley of doom without at least some sort of net.

Recently Added

AOKP Ice Cream Sandwich, by Team Kang 3/4/12
║▌=$RuNNy ReVoLuTIoN 3D$=║▌ by Joelz9614 10/2/11
Inc2 McTwist by 00McD00 10/2/11
666th Sense by CondemnedSoul 10/2/11
McSense v2.4 by 00McD00 10/2/11
Updated links to links 10/1/11
Checked and updated links to development sites 8/21/11
Carbonite Fusion Z by trock79 8/21/11
OTA HTC Gingerbread Radio - 8/20/11
Updated Links to Skyraider Official Development pages - 8/19/11
Stock Rooted Gingerbread! by JoelZ9614 8/17/11
IncDoes 3D by IncredibleDoes 7/10/11
Pure Speed by wildstang83 7/10/11
Liberation Enhanced by jaykresge 7/10/11
KINgDoM REwInD SeNseleSS 3D by JoelZ9614, Nyterage and Incubus26jc 7/10/11
CyanogenMod 7.1.0 RC1 by CyanogenMod 7/4/11
Deck Gingerbread ROM by kushdeck 7/4/11
Incredible 2 Beta 1 by newtoroot 7/4/11
Optimized Shift! by Newtoroot 7/4/11
KINgDoM REwInD 3D by by JoelZ9641, Nyterage and Incubus26jc 7/4/11
Virtuous Gingerbread Leak by rmk40 6/17/11
Nils' Business GingerSense By NilsP 6/17/11
Synergy Rom Nightlies [Sense 2.1/3.0] By incubus26jc 6/17/11
★Uber Kingdom Revolution 3D™★◄♚ By JoelZ9614 6/17/11
Hybrid RLS 1.6 Pure sense 3.0 By newtoroot 6/17/11
DualROMx2 By Conap 6/17/11

Please let me know if I missed your favorite. I hope that this post will be updated often and for a long time! ;)
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Jun 13, 2010
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Sense ROMS​
Carbonite Fusion by trock79 (Froyo) Unsupported
Android Central ROM review: Carbonite Fusion for the Droid Incredible | Android Central - Review
Android Development by trock
[ROM] Carbonite Fusion v.5 (UPDATED 3/12/11) - xda-developers - Theme for CM7 (Gingerbread)

Carbonite Fusion G by trock70 Unsupported
[ROM] Carbonite Fusion G v1.0 ***2.3.3 leak base*** (UPDATED 5/24/11) - xda-developers

Carbonite Fusion Z by trock70 Unsupported

HTC Gingerbread Leaks Unsupported Post of leaks and roms from leaks Origional leak mirror

HTC Stock ROM ? Un-rooted
Stock Images | PvilleComp's
This is a great site for all your Stock ROM, ClockworkMod, HBOOT, and Radio needs
PvilleComp's | Droid Incredible Resource Site

HTC Stock Rooted Gingerbread - Sept 2011 OTA - widlstang83 Unsupported
[ROM] Official INC OTA 4.06.605.3 - xda-developers

HTC Stock ROM Froyo ? Rooted by jaykresge Unsupported
[ROM] HTC Droid Incredible Stock ROMs (NOV OTA) (UPDATED 2/27/11) - xda-developers

Incredibly Re-Engineered by chingy51o
Android Central ROM review: Incredibly Re-Engineered for the Droid Incredible | Android Central - Review
[ROM] Incredibly Re-Engineered v2.3.2 [02-25-11] - xda-developers

IncROM by lllboredlll Unsupported
[ROM] [2/25/11] IncROM v1.4 [Deodexed | Zipalinged | JsChiSurf Lockscreen Mod] - xda-developers

KINgDoM REwInD 3D by JoelZ9641, Nyterage and Incubus26jc (Gingerbread/Sense 3) Unsupported
[ROM]-[RLS2-8/10/2011]-Shooter ReWiND 3D-[2.3.3]-[Sense 3.0] - xda-developers

Liberation Enhanced by jaykresge Unsupported

Magnolia by sk806 Unsupported
[ROM] (3/5/11) Magnolia Final 1.3 *Now with Lockscreens Mod* - xda-developers

McSense v2.4 by 00McD00 (Gingerbread)
[ROM][Updated: 12/18] McSense v2.6 - Fully Remapped Rosie! - xda-developers

Myn?s Warm by incubus26jc
[ROM] Myn's Warm TwoPointTwo By Incubus26Jc [RLS5.3][2/9/2011] Browser\Hosts Update - xda-developers

Nothing Special (A Stock ROM Replacement) by jaykresge Unsupported
[ROM] Nothing Special (Plain) v1.3 (UPDATED 03/31/11) - xda-developers

Redemption ROM by HeyItsLou
[ROM] Redemption Rom 2.4 UPDATE: Mar 5, 2011 *New* Sense(less) - xda-developers

Redemptive Revolution by HeyItsLou
[Rom] Redemptive rEVOlution 2.3 *UPDATE* Feb 23, 2011 Inc - EVO Hybrid - xda-developers

666th Sense by CondemnedSoul (Gingerbread)
[ROM] 666th Sense V1.4 Uncut and Edited 10/30/2011 - xda-developers

Skyraider by ihtfp69
ROM review: SkyRaider Sense 4.2 for the HTC Droid Incredible | Android Central - Review
[ROM] SkyRaider Sense 4.2 [UPDATED: 6/28/11] - Droid Incredible Development - RootzWiki

Virtuous by rmk40
Virtuous ROM
[ROM] Virtuous v3.2.0 (12/19/10): Stock Sense *3.26.605.1* w/Fixes & Enhancements - xda-developers

Sense ROM Ports from other phones

★Evo Shift 4G GingerSense Port?★◄♚B1 by JoelZ9614 (Gingerbread/Sense 2)

HTC Incredible S by wdfowty/Team-Wip (Froyo/Sense2)
[ROM][TEAM-WIP]HTC Incredible S (Vivo) port (ALPHA release) - xda-developers

Hybrid RLS 1.6 Pure sense 3.0 (Gingerbrear/Sense 3.0) By newtoroot
[ROM]-[MikRoms]-[Updated]-[7-23-11] Hybrid v 2.2 [sense 3.0] - xda-developers

Inc2 McTwist by 00McD00 (DInc2 port with Sense 2.5 and elements of 3)
[ROM][Updated: 10/24]Inc2 McTwist v1.1 - Speed is a luxury! - xda-developers

IncDoes 3D by IncredibleDoes (Gingerbread/Sense3)
[ROM] IncDoes 3D v1.1 [July 9th] - xda-developers

IncDoes Sense Desire HD by IncredibleDoes (Froyo/Sense2)
[ROM] IncDoes Sense "Desire HD" [v0.9.1] Oct/15th - xda-developers

IncDoes Sense Desire Z by IncredibleDoes (Froyo/Sense 2)
[ROM] IncDoes Sense "Desire Z" [v1.2] Dec-3rd - xda-developers

Incredible 2 Beta 1 by newtoroot (Gingerbread/Sense 2.1)
[ROM]-[MIKROMS]- Incredible 2 v 2.1.0 [7-27-2011] GB Sense 2.1 - xda-developers

Incredibly Re-engineered Z by chingy51o (Froyo/Sense 2)
[ROM] [MikRoms] Incredibly Re-Engineered Z v1.0 [03-06-11] Zzz..Zzz.Zzz ZOOM! - xda-developers

KINgDoM REwInD SeNseleSS 3D by JoelZ9614, Nyterage and Incubus26jc
★ ☆ ★| ROM | JULY 2 | KINgDoM REwInD SeNseleSS 3D | RLS1 | 2.3.3 | SENSE 3.0 | ★ ☆ ★ - xda-developers

MY TOUCH 4G by wes342 / asianbobo15 (Froyo)

Nils? Business Sense by NilsP (Froyo/Sense 2.0)
[ROM] Nils' Business Sense - Desire-Z Based V4.6 (Updated 2/23/2011) - xda-developers

Nils' Business GingerSense (Gingerbread/Sense 3 hybrid) By NilsP
ROM review: Nils' Business GingerSense for the HTC Droid Incredible | Android Central - ROM Review
[ROM] Nils' Business GingerSense - Android 2.3.4 - Sense 2.1/3.0 + 3D (8/14/11 V3.0) - xda-developers

Optimized Z by Newtoroot (Froyo/Sense 2.0)
[Rom]Optimized z.... "UPDATED 5/5/2011" [fast & customized] - xda-developers

Optimized Shift! by Newtoroot (Gingerbread/Sense 2/3 hybrid)
[ROM]-[MikRoms]-Optimized Shift v2.4-[UPDATED][7-22-11] Netflix works!!! - xda-developers

Pure Speed by wildstang83 (Gingerbread/Sense 2)
[ROM] Pure Speed V8.5 [Updated:19Aug2011] - xda-developers

║▌=$RuNNy ReVoLuTIoN 3D$=║▌ by Joelz9614 (Gingerbread/Sense 3.5)

Synergy Rom Nightlies [Sense 2.1/3.0] (Gingerbread/Hybrid Sense 2&3) By incubus26jc
[ROM] Synergy [RLS1] [8/5/11] - Now With Warm Sprinkles! - xda-developers

★Uber Kingdom?★◄♚A1 (Gingerbread 2.3.3/Sense 3.0) By JoelZ9614

★Uber Z?★◄♚RLS3♚► (Froyo 2.2/Sense 2.0) By JoelZ9614

Warm Z by incubus26jc (Froyo/Sense 2.0)
[ROM] Warm Z TwoPointTwo By Incubus26Jc [RLS1][2/23/2011] Re-Engineered Beta [3/5/11] - xda-developers
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AOKP by Team Kang (Ice Cream Sandwich)
AOKP | News - Review - Discussion Thread

CyanogenMOD 7 by Cyanogen (Gingerbread)
7.0.0 Stable Info
General Cyanogen Info
Nightly build and RC info
CyanogenMOD 6.1 Stable by Cyanogen (Froyo) Unsupported- Final. No more development is being done on this ROM
HTC Incredible | CyanogenMod
Cyanogen 6.1.0 Stable Release - xda-developers

Deck Gingerbread ROM by kushdeck (Gingerbread)
• View topic - [Official][8-21-11] gingerbread-inc-deck [1.3d][2.3.5 beta]
[8-21-11][ROM] gingerbread-inc-deck [1.3d][2.3.5 beta] - xda-developers

Evervolv by preludedrew (Gingerbread)
[ROM-AOSP][01-29-11] Evervolv | GRH78C/Android 2.3.2 | v1.0.1b3 | KB Dictionary! - xda-developers

Liquid Metal by jermaine151(Froyo)
[ROMS][AOSP] LiquidMetal RC2.1/LiquidLight RC1.1-Internal Media Scan-CWM3(2/27/2011) - xda-developers

MIUI by INC Dev Team (Gingerbread) Review
ROMs ? MIUI Developers
[ROM] MIUI v0.6 (1.3.5) HTC Incredible | English | Deodexed | Updated 3/5/2011

MIUI by warttack/MarkHuk/MIUIDev (Froyo)
MIUI Developers - Official MIUI Developer Blog
[ROM] HTC Droid Incredible ADR6300 Presents MIUI 1.8.19 Pure English [AOSP] - xda-developers

OMHC by T3HH4XXOR (Honeycomb)
Honeycomb | T3hH4xx0r

OMFGB by T3HH4XXOR (Gingerbread)
T3hH4xx0r | Home of the OMGB and OMFGB Rom Series

Ruby by sniffle/CCRoms (Froyo)
[ROM] Final Froyo Release for Ruby by CCRoms V2.02 Next Up Gingerbread - xda-developers

Salvage-Mod by barnacles10/Salvage-Mod Community (Gingerbread)
[ROM][AOSP] Salvage-Mod BETA 2 - 2.3.3 [5.1] - xda-developers

Hybrid ROMS
DualRom by Team ADX
Dual boot Stock Sense and CM7!
[Roms]DualRom-The dual booting solution for Incredible 4-17-11 - xda-developers

DualRomX2 By Conap
Dual boot x 2 = 4 ROM's!
DualRomX2 = 4 roms on emmc(V6) 6-9-11 - xda-developers

FrostBlur by frostincredible (Froyo Droid X Port)
[ROM] FrostBlur v1.3 [8/12/11] Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread {Droid X Port} - xda-developers

PhotonDroid by photonmedia (Froyo)
[ROM] PhotonDroid 2.2 (2/5/2011) - Beta - xda-developers

Sense(less) rEVOlution INC / EVO Hybrid by HeyItsLou (Froyo)
[ROM] *Update* Sense(less) rEVOlution 2.0 Inc-EVO Hybrid Jan 19, 2011 - xda-developers

SkyRaider Athena by ihtfp69 (Froyo)
[ROM] SkyRaider Athena 1.2 [Sense(less)/CM6/2D or 3D Gallery]

Super ROM Switcher/Manager by DHowett (Switch between two or more ROM's)
[ROMS] [APP] Super ROM Switcher/Manager [WIP] - Multiboot on the Incredible! - xda-developers
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ROMS Available in ROM Manager as of 8/21/2011

CyanogenMOD Nightlies
Too many to list​

By CyanogenMOD
CyanogenMod 7.0.0
CyanogenMOD 7.0.2
CyanogenMOD 7.0.3
CyanogenMOD 7.1.0 RC1
CyanogenMOD 6.0 through 6.1
CyanogenMOD 7 RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4

ClockworkMod Extras
Superuser 2.3..6.3 cupcake/donut
Superuser Eclair/Froyo/Gingerbread and Honeycomb
Superuser 3.0 Beta Cupcake/Donut
Superuser 3.0 Beta Eclair/Froyo.Gingerbread/Honeycomb​

By Lithium Mod
Lithium Mod v0.0.4 & 0.0.5
Tang Theme​

Ruby 1.1.0 through 2.0.2​

By Ihtfp69
SkyRaider Athena 1.2
SkyRaider Sense 3.5
SkyRaider Sense 4.1 Full
SkyRaider Sense 4.2 Full
SkyRaider Sense 4.3 Full
Sense Themes
Boot Animations​

By JagerRom
JagerRom 4.0.2 AOSP​

By Virtuous/rmk40
Virtuous ROM 3.2.0
Virtuous EZ-Customizer 3.x
Virtuous Stock Kernel (v4)
Virtuous Custom Kernel (v3)
Rotary Lockscreen
Incredible Revolution Theme
Tools to restore apps and revert addons
Extra Goodies
Older Releases​

By Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense v1.1​
MIUI 1.8.19
MIUI 1.8.12​

By Berzerker
RosieMod for SkyRaider
RosieMod for other Sense ROMS
B-SCM for SkyRaider Splash
B-SCM for Virtious Splash
B-SCM for CM6.1 Splash
3.1.1 SkyRaider Icon Patch (Blue)
3.1.2 Market Patch for Virtious/SkyRaider​

By DopeShiziot
The Nameless Rom​

By |||bored||| formerly IncROM
IncROM 1.1.2, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6
Rosie Mods​

By t3hh4xx0r
OMFGB 1.1.0, 1.1.1 and 1.2.0 Custom Gingerbread AOSP
OMGB 1.1.0, 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 Stock Gingerbread​

By Conical Roms
Conical Rom through

By MIUI Ports/warttack
MIUI through 1.3.4​

MIUI Android
MIUI Android 1.8.12 (Droid Incredible English by TheBigNoob)​

MIUI DroidInc Portuguese (English optional) 1.8.12 A.I.O.​

Savaged Zen
Savaged-Zen Kernel v 0.0.1 - 1.0 in various flavors of featuers.​

Carbonite Fusion v.5​

FrostBlur v0.03 Alpha​

Google Apps
The latest version of the HDPI and Universal GAPPS as well as older versions.​

GreenRomProject Presents CM7​

winner00 Build #165
winner00 Build #87​
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NOTE: Please be very careful when doing anything involving the Radio. It is one of the few areas where you can seriously brick your phone beyond recovery. Always check the MD5 of your radio download before flashing. A bad download will be the begining of a really bad day!

OTA HTC Gingerbread Radio
[radio] gb ota radio - xda-developers
MD5: 7A1B3656EC24CD0C0BC45EAF3054ED00

Radios archived by PvilleComp:
Radios | PvilleComp's
MD5's for the radios hosted by PvilleComp are on Pville's site with the download.

Radios Archived by Adrynalyne:
Index of /files/di_radios
Listing of Adrynalyne MD5s: 62C2E284B56A07D67F803097B18D49E2 Pre-release radio 44CBBF56CDFA221FA3506676D9A0E259 Official Eclair radio 7AF47CBF2DF017985AD1E03766550C3C Leaked Eclair radio FB0BFF88DE8EBC1C2E2EC85D027C14B6 Leaked Froyo radio A0697349057B233600C93CE07AF81F87 (includes cwm recovery Official Froyo radio C26E304970A50BF1041DFFA794F440EE Leaked Froyo radio

MD5 Calculators:
MD5 Calculator
WinMD5Sum - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

MD5 for Mac - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

To use an MD5 calculator; download the calculator of your choice, and point it to the file you just downloaded. The program will calculate an MD5 sum for you to see. If the MD5 sum shown by the calculator matches the published MD5 then you know that you have a good download. If the numbers do not match, re-download the file. It's that simple.


Stock - The Virtuous Stock Kernel is as close to the Stock Kernel as I can find.
Virtuous ROM: Download

HeyItLou Custom Sense Kernel #9
[Kernel] UPDATE: Jan 23 HeyItsLou Custom Sense Kernel #9 La Villa Strangiato - xda-developers

Hydra Kernels - Unsupported
It appears that the site is down and that these kernels are no longer being supported. If you have any additional information, please let me know.

Index of /
[KERNEL] BETA - xda-developers

Invisiblek AOSP
[KERNEL][AOSP] #28 - xda-developers

KingxKlick Kernels - Unsupported
It appears that the site is down and many of the links in development threads are now broken. If you have more information about these kernels, please let me know.

Index of /cayniarb/Kernels/inc
[Kernel][AOSP] Tiamat | 2.1.5 - Froyo | 3.1.5 - Gingerbread | 3/5/11 - xda-developers

Ziggy's Kernels ? Life's too short, have fun while you can.
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Mods and other Goodies
Want to make your own Splash Screen?

And here's the Origional if you need to get back to stock.

A great compliation of Splash Screens and Boot Animations!

Do you occasionally hit the data cap where your 3g get's throttled?

Are you running MIUI and missing your Weather App? Help test the Beta!

Is your new ROM missing Google Apps like Market? NOTE: For the Incredible use the HDPI Download. CM7 = Gingerbread, CM6 = Froyo and CM5 = Eclair. Flash in recovery and on reboot you will be asked which apps you want to install.

ADWLauncher EX Review

A "must have" utility for rooted phones - Root Explorer

An alternate "must have" utility for rooted phones - Super Manager

An alternate Recovery that let's you choose your screen text color.
BAmod Recovery for AMOLED and SLCD
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I guess Trey stickied this thread already. Sounds good to me. Thanks pville for taking this on. Its much appreciated.

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Use the HDPI download. CM7=Gingerbread, CM6=Foryo, CM5=Ecalir. Flash in recovery. On reboot you will be asked which apps you want to have installed.

Added CM7 RC1 review

Added Root Explorer review

Added ADWLauncher EX review
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