Rooting and backing up fixed my clock/weather


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Dec 18, 2010
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Hey you all, I just rooted using the method in the subforum here and then installed Titanium Backup and ClockworkMod ROM Manager. I backed up all the apps and stuff using Titanium Backup. Then I backed up the current ROM with ROM Manager (or maybe ClockworkMod Recovery via ROM Manager? Not sure) because I'm about to replace it with CyanogenMod.

Anyway, my clock widget has been broken for weeks like many people's, even after I factory resent when Gingerbread broke it the first time (it lasted a while and then broke again). And then for the past two days the weather for my home town hasn't been working.

Yet after I backed up my ROM and the phone automatically restarted, the clock widget worked again and the weather for my home area was there again under it. Now I can once again click the clock widget and get to alarms, timers, etc., and I know my weather.

So that's weird. The fix is in the phone somewhere. Something in what I did jiggled it loose or toggled some switch. Interesting.