rooting help for dummies


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Feb 24, 2011
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Alright. So I know everyone is gonna think I'm stupid but I don't know anything about rooting. I understand the concepts of rooting and why its a good idea but I don't know the other stuff, like flash clockworkmod and how to work roms. What roms to pick. How many you can have. Saving a backup. Please someone fill me in so I can take that step to rooting my droid.


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Jan 15, 2011
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Just root your phone, download ROM Manager Premium because devs deserve to get paid for awesome apps, which it is, and you can flash recoveries and ROMs, also create backups from there in minutes!

As for picking a ROM just choose one from the many available, use it for a day and if you don't like it flash a different one. Bugless Beast, CyanogenMod and Ultimate Droid are the big hitters in the game.

You can have as many ROMs as you want on your SD card...but only one installed on your phone at a time.