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s-off but not rooted?


New member
Feb 14, 2012
I have an HTC inspire that was given to me, the person had it rooted before giving it to me but he said he did a factory reset before handing it over. I checked in hboot and it say's (s-off) but when I installed clockworkmod it says the phone needs to be rooted? what should I do to successfully root the Htc inspire?


New member
Mar 26, 2011
I would flash a rooted rom thru hboot. It would need to be in pd98img.zip format. You can find some stock roms over xda in this format. Just place it on the root of the SD card, boot into hboot by holding volume down and pressing the power button, and then accept to install after it scans and locates the file. Once you have done that, you will be able to install rom manager and flash custom recovery. From custom recovery you will then be able to flash custom roms. The other option you have is to flash custom recovery directly thru hboot and then flash a custom. That recovery file can also be found at xda. You will have to search a little more for that one. I like the first option because it seems less risky.

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New member
Oct 21, 2011
If you can't find a rom in the correct format here is clockworkmod in the correct format to install from boot loader. Hope this helps.

I have used this file myself and know it works.