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Feb 18, 2014
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Hey guys, let me start of by saying I have used the search function on various forums trying to get the answer for myself but need some help understanding about Know, rooting and about the bootloader.

I've got the baseband version i9500XXEUMJ8 so by MJ8 part must i assume I have a locked bootloader?

When going in download mode I see ODIn mode in red, product name, current binary, system status (official) all in white and in a grey font below that warranty bit:0

Does that mean I have Knox or at least the exynos implementation of Knox?

With that in mind can I root my phone with cf auto root and use a custom recovery? I assume using a custom recovery enables one to use something like Mobile ODIn ?

Or at the very least can I have root access with full root privileges?

Wit regards to tripping Knox, is there currently (possibly never) no way around it since it's eFuse?

The most varying reports of what happens if I trip root which I need clarification on is:

1. No OTA even if I flash an official rom via ODIN

2. With regards to point 1 , since I tripped Knox I can't flash anything? ??

3. If point 2 is not true, what part of the flash memory does Knox 'burn' that can't be used? Is it that if I flash an official os and get unrooted I won't be able to root again?

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