S5 Active now much slower, how to fix or switch to Pixel or Android One?

Dec 23, 2010
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I was happy with my Galaxy Captivate, then S3 Active, and S5 Active. For the past several months the S5 Active has become slower and slower and at times some apps just start on their own, and more frustrating is the battery is draining very fast and the signal strength drops very low or is non-existent.

If anyone has ideas on how to speed the S5 back up I'm open. I did buy a new micro-USB card and tried copying everything off of the existing card onto a Windows laptop, but Windows didn't copy all files/directories from the micro-USB card. My plan was to then copy the contents from Windows back to the the "new" micro-USB to see if that may improve performance. Anyone know how I can copy all of the contents to Windows? Also, I suspect I need to reformat/reinstall the phone (i.e. factory reset) but I dread losing all of the settings, etc. Even if this works, I'm not sure if the battery drain issue or the signal strength issues will be resolved. I've made no major changes to the phone (e.g. install new apps) that would cause the battery drain, and it isn't apparent when going into settings/battery what is actually causing the drain.

The other idea I have considered is switching to Pixel, with quicker patches/updates. However, I learned Pixel 1 is about to no longer receive patches/updates. Is this correct? So, I'm considering a Pixel 2 or an Android One phone. I'd like something to have at least similar hardware/capabilities as my S5. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Or a Pixel 3 next month. Then you get the full 3 years of updates.

As for the S5, back everything up (see Backing up an Android Device), do a factory reset, then restore everything. (Uninstall apps you never use before backing up - it's amazing how much junk can collect in a phone.)

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