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S5 "Home" button, "back" soft button, and "app manager" soft button periodically not working


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S5 "Home" button, "back" soft button, and "app manager" soft button periodically not working

I've been having issues with all three of the buttons on the bottom of my S5 over the last few days (the two "soft" keys for back and app manager and the middle home button). About 10 days ago I dropped the phone in water while washing the dog. However, the charging port was closed and it seemed fine afterwards, but for the following couple of days I had charging issues (wouldn't recognize my charger, said I had an incompatible charger, etc.). After that cleared up I thought I dodged a bullet, then I started having issues with the bottom three buttons. Sometimes they work without a hitch, then 10 minutes later the phone will be extremely slugging and those buttons won't work at all. During this time, none of the three buttons work... it's either all of them work or none of them work. Would this have anything to do with moisture in the phone? Also, my phone capacity is about maxxed out... while in file manager it says I'm using 9.82 GB of 10.52 GB available on a 16 GB phone. A soft reset seems to have done nothing to cure the problem.

I'm on Verizon using Lollipop.

Any ideas?

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