S6 users attention please! How many hours will my battery last?


Nov 9, 2015
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S6 users attention please!

Hello S6 users please help me out! Quite a long question but plz do read n answer.
I just want to know that if I buy galaxy s6 (am a heavy user) how many hrs will my battery last throughout the day.I usually use IG,FB,Whatsapp,Selfies.. will this phone get hot?
Ive been using iPhone5 and I had to charge it thrice a day :(.my friend has galaxy j5 (2600 mAh) and gs6 is 2550mAh.We took alot of photos at an event and at the day her battery % was 56%.. I am afraid if I buy and then I dont want to regret if battery will drain too fast..dont want to waste my valuable money :( help plz.