S7 Edge to Note 9?


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May 25, 2015
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You really need to ask this question?
Note 9 is far superior but also it depends on if you need a Note device with the S Pen or an 'S' device without.

You have the S7 edge which of course is/was a nice phone but things have moved on since that was introduced, a lot of Galaxy Note 7 users would have used that handset after the 'big recall' as there was nothing else realistically to swap for.


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Nov 22, 2014
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Yes, but it also begs the question of why are you even asking. If you have to ask if it's worth it, there has to be a reason. If it's the price, you can consider an S9+ if you want to get boost in performance but not willing to pay for the S Pen. Or you can also wait until next year.
The S7 Edge is still a perfectly usable phone for another year, as it's specs are still better than a lot of the top mid-rangers. It's comparable to the Galaxy A8 launched earlier this year. This is perfectly fine since, depending on where you live, Samsung could give security updates for another year (Asian markets, hit or miss on US markets), and next year we have the 10th anniversary phones which everybody is expecting Samsung to go all out on, and again with the rumored in-display scanners.


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Oct 24, 2015
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I've had both. It is night and day planet by planet different. You will thank yourself for as long as you own the Note 9, if you upgrade to it


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May 30, 2016
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Your question is warranted as people get comfortable to what there currently using and if a person is upgrading their contract to get a new phone or buying one right out then it's a financial cost.

It's good your carrying out some homework on your next choice imo.

After all that's what these types of forums are for.

To exchange knowledge in various ways. ;)

I'd suggest to visit a store that has working retail models to try out and look at some YouTube reviews.

My personal opinion is your going to be blown away by the Note 9 or even the Galaxy s9 or s9+

Enjoy the journey. :)


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Jul 24, 2012
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I went to the note 8 (not 9) from an S7 edge and it was a huge upgrade. the S7 edge had almost out me off Samsung and I nearly went for a pixel 2xl until the hardware issues made me look at the note 8. I'm so glad I got it, it was a huge upgrade and I now plane to get the note 9. I would expect going from a S7 edge to a note 9 you will.find a huge difference and be more than happy. just make sure you are prepared for the size increase!


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Oct 19, 2014
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Go with the 9. I had to settle. I went from iPhone to Note 4 and it was a great experience. I stayed with the Note 4 until the Note 7. The Note 7 was worth the wait. Not only was I a pen user but the jump justified the purchase.

The the battery issue which I think was very rare but taken to extremes by some wanting to cash-in. Anyway the S7 Edge is not my phone of choice. Some of the pen apps worked but using finger or generic pen didn't cut it.

The the Oreo update made the phone unstable. Even after a factory reset, the phone kept crashing, the Touch Wiz failed a lot and trying to answer the phone by tapping the screen failed. It was time to up date.

The Note 9 is wonderful. I have no clue about the Note 8 and I am sure it is a very good device. Switching over was fast and easy. 3 days to reconfigure my Note 7 from the Note 4. Over an actual 10 day at Best Buy with AT&T and Samsung Reps to get my first Note 7(s) purchased. 6 hours for the second recall. 3 for the S7 Edge purchase.

The Note 9, 10 min at Xfinity, arrived in the mail, another 10 at the store and good to go. A first for Xfinity service. Your experience may vary.

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