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Samsung A5- touchscreen/home button issues


New member
Nov 22, 2015

I got my phone in August this year.
However over the past week I've been having issues.
It happens intermittently when I've had a phone call. But my phone freezes on a half screen- samsung wallpaper with the time on. I try to swipe it and I get a thing about shortcuts to wallpaper. After doing some checking it relates to the s view screen. It doesn't offer my pass code screen. My home button, back button etc become useless. I can only use the power button. It takes a while of resetting the phone for it to actually go back to normal. Another thing I have noticed is that the s view wallpaper choice pops up intermittently after I have put my pass code in.
Samsung have checked the hardware and they said it's fine. I have done a factory reset but it hasn't totally been rectified.

Can anyone help. Or has anyone suffered the same thing.

Thanks in advance