Samsung Cloud eating storage?


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Feb 23, 2019
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Device: Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

Android version: 7.0

I think this is a problem that only I have, because I cannot find anything about this online, but Samsung cloud keeps eating a lot of my storage. Whenever I turn on the sync, it goes through my gallery and uploads a load of photos (even when I turn off the sync for every folder), and my free internal storage decreases. I can't find any folders or anything in file explorer that are taking up the sort of space I've lost, or any called Samsung Cloud, etc. For now I've just completely turned off sync but I've still lost a load of space and idrk how to go about getting it back. Any advice?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Uploading to the cloud doesn't use storage.

The sync you turn off in the Google account is Google cloud storage - and again, uploading to the cloud, any cloud, doesn't use storage.

Check to see what's using storage. Then either delete files, uninstall apps or, if you have an SD card, move files to the SD card. (Don't move apps - that doesn't save much, if any, space.)

the phone is a 16GB (total - system, partitions set aside for system use, user space) phone. In 2019, a 32GB phone is considered barely enough space. You're probably just going to have to limit how much you put on the phone until you can get a larger one.