Samsung dual messenger WhatsApp program is not letting me take pictures and I don't know where the p


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Jul 6, 2010
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Hello everyone and thank you for reading this!

Not sure if this is the right form, if not please direct me to the right spot.

I have two issues. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9 which has an application called dual messenger which allows me to have more than one WhatsApp program running. I have my regular cell phone number WhatsApp and also my Google phone number WhatsApp. Both work great.

The problem started a few days ago when I noticed that I can't take a picture with my front camera and send it to somebody on the Dual messenger WhatsApp. It works fine on the regular WhatsApp. It takes the picture just fine, and then it disappears and then it says the file format is not supported. I was tempted to uninstall and reinstall the second WhatsApp, but I did not want to lose all the pictures that my friends have sent me.

I then realized that that second WhatsApp was not being backed up to my Google photos like the original WhatsApp. The Dual messenger WhatsApp doesn't really have a backup that I can see.

So basically I have two questions.

1. How can I get my WhatsApp front facing camera to work and not telling me that it's an unsupported file format and just take the picture?

2. Where are all these pictures that my friend sent me stored on my phone? Is there any way that I could back up my second dual messenger WhatsApp picture gallery to my Google photos?

I hope this makes sense in any help would be appreciated. If anybody knows of a better Forum, if this is not the right one, where I can post this question please let me know. Thank you all.


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Dec 6, 2011
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I'm using the same device, that's why it's called a dual WhatsApp

Yes and in your post you say you successfully imported one account from an old device but were having difficulty importing the second account from that device. So there are two devices. The link I provided appears to explain how to get both accounts from one device to the other so that in the end you have two accounts on one device. That's why its about two devices.

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