Samsung Galaxy S3 holiday apps guide thread

Apr 10, 2012
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Thought us get a thread started for apps new users and old users should be aware of, and since it's holiday time, I figured this would be a great time to check out some new apps

Everyone feel free to create a list of apps they feel are either essential, fun games, or anything they use that other should use. Just please don't post an app if another user already posted it in this thread

And if possible, it would be cool if you could provide screen shots of the app, but it's certainly not necessary. Without further a due, here's my list



Great app for those who have a bunch of apps they want to share with a friend and are too tired to do them one by one, you can pick as many apps as you want or all, and then email them to your friend

Display brightness


Simple brightness widget that runs as an overlay, meaning it always stays in your screen. Put it in an area for easy access, you can even make it fade away when not in use, or even transparent. Very useful for those like me who get headaches from light easily and need to adjust brightness on the fly

Screen on

This app is for if you want your screen to always stay on while running an app. U set mine for certain apps like xbox smart glass which you can control your xbox with as a remote and it's tedious to have to resign un every time your screen comes off, so I use screen on and have it so that xbox smart glass and others stay on

Only issue with this app is that it is laggy and crashes if you scroll too fast


This app has quickly become one of my favorites since installing it last night, you can stream high quality anime for free. And choose from a wider range of anime than Netflix





You can set your phone to silence the ringer turn off wifi etc at certain times, then restore them once the time period finishes

Sent from my SPH - L710 running Pac Man Rom 4.1.2 , because just Paranoid Android wasn't enough :)
Apr 10, 2012
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Hf scientific calculator


Smart task bar

Easy access to all your apps either by and overlay icon or a swipe from a chosen area on your screen


Yahoo sportacular

Stats and up to date game scores


Sent from my SPH - L710 running Pac Man Rom 4.1.2 , because just Paranoid Android wasn't enough :)