samsung j5 problem with samsung evo card

Fer Araneda

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Feb 18, 2016
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Hi everyone. This is my first post. I'm from Chile. I just got a SAMSUNG microsd EVO 128 gb card for my SAMSUNG J5 phone (SM J500M). As specifications say, the phone supports SDXC card up to 128 gb. Unfortunatey, the phone didn't recognize micro sd card. I got the card to the seller (a particular, not a store), and gave me another one. This time I set it on the phone right on. But it didn't work again (both cards where brand new and sealed). The thing is, I texted to SAMSUNG local support, and they told me they couldn't help me, since that card isn't for sale in my country. So, I wonder if anyone could help. It's kind of frustrating, since both phone and card are SAMSUNG products. And it's funny how SAMSUNG couldn't offer a proper answer nor a solution. The card can be read by a computer anyway, so I guess it's a problem with my phone.

Thanks a lot.