Samsung Smart Switch


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Feb 13, 2011
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Samsung Smart Switch, a new way to share info between devices.

I was just introduced to this new app while picking up the Note 2 yesterday. The T-Mo rep downloaded it from GP but could not get it to load on the G2. I told him I would do that when I got home and thankfully so. It was over a half hour swapping info. WOW!! Anyhow, it later on in the evening came as part of an OTA when I got home and hit SOFTWARE UPDATE. Here it is via Google Play ->

Onward... I think had I used it correctly I would have loved it to some degree. I think next time I will not allow it to install the apps but choose contacts, documents, photos, etc. If you've used it let me know how it worked for you. If you are new to it, let me know your thought. I did not read into it further but I am hoping it supports all Samsung mobile devices.