SamsungTTS: how to wipe lang-data or disable it?


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Feb 13, 2019
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Whenever I turn on the moon reader pro(a .txt ebook reader app, tts engine required) to use tts function it always automatically switched to Samsung text-to-speech instead of Google one, I mean every time the screen is turned off, or I switched to another app then switched back, never stayed Google as "normal". Sam's engine cannot have a accurate and smooth enough adjustment from speed 2.4 to 2.5 level it has simply no practicality for half-blind people. Since it's for my grandpa with eye-problem and knowing such few English words whenever I'm away usually he could barely ask someone to switch it back to Google for him... So what is the way to disable it once and for all? Is there a way to wipe this app, or replace the original with Google tts somehow... The disable bottom is not available, I tried icebox to "freeze" it, no use. Maybe there's a way to wipe it via... probably ADB? It's able to delete dozens of data you can't on the phone, so just what is the path it's stored or the language data? Or is there a way to manually change the "default" tts engine? Pls don't tell sxxt like "Go lang&inp to change preferred engine" if that works I won't bother no more^_^

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