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Feb 26, 2017
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The young French startup is putting its SAVEE application into service FREE to reduce battery consumption of mobile phones for private individuals!

Launched in September 2014 and winner of the silver medal of the Concours Lépine the same year, the application SAVEE extends the autonomy of the battery of smartphones making the user experience more stable. It is always very painful to have to recharge your phone constantly while on the move.

In just two years, the application has already attracted more than 700,000 users in the four corners of the world.

Firstly for professionals, Savee is used by companies such as Virbac, Technopôle d'Orléans, Hutchinson of the Total group, ORCOM ...

"Savee is not only the only application that significantly extends the battery life of smartphones, but has created a real reputation for business breasts. We expect to grow 20 to 30 times the current number of users in the next 3 years. "Says young founder and director Alexander Hoffmann.

But the entrepreneur has heard calls from individuals wishing to also use this application.
"We soon realized that individuals also had autonomy problems, so we decided to make a version for this used category and that for free. "

Online on Google Play Store under the name "SAVE FREE Battery Saver ", the big consumers of telephone will be able to savor a few hours more of their precious battery.


International success!

Savee developed very rapidly in Africa where a large contract was signed with the operator MTN who integrated this application into its platform in Côte d'Ivoire.
"This is the first economic power in Francophone Africa, the number of mobile subscribers has increased from 16 million to nearly 25 million in three years, from 2012 to 2015. This has been a real opportunity for Savee who must not miss under any pretext! "Added Alexander.

Having proven itself in companies and with operators, Savee does not intend to stop in this way.
"We intend to get in touch with the other countries of Africa and then we will go to China where more than 800 million people use a smartphone. "

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