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Sep 1, 2016
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I need some help ya'll! I keep getting a scam call every day from an area code 201. They just keep changing the last 4 digits every call. Everytime I block them and report them, but doesn't seem to be helping. Any ideas? I really dont wanna change my # also


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Feb 12, 2012
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One idea (which isn't practical and won't ever be done) - make it a Class A felony to spoof a callerID.

No, about the only thing you can do, assuming that you don't want to block the entire 201 area code, is to lt any calls you don;t recognize go to voicemail. I have 1 cellphone and 4 landlines - and get it on all of them. And never get a voicemail, except from people I know who are using a different phone at the moment. Let your friends know that if the call goes to VM, and they really want to talk to you now, they should just say so and you'll call them back.

CallerID was a great idea when it came out. Now the spoilers have made it useless. Not only do they use your area code, most of them use your exchange. ("Hey, it's xxx, it must be someone I know, I just don't have that number of theirs." "Don't hang up! This is not a sales call! We're just trying to convince you to buy our product blah blah, blah blah.")

Wait until someone invents actual artificial intelligence. The spoilers will make it impossible to use too. (Remember the Nigerian Scam? Watch for emails from "JP Morgan", with a return email address ending in ,jp. It's the same scam, dressed to look as if it's not.)

The more technology we develop, the more the scammers use it against us.

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