Screen flicker, boot loop solution


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Apr 27, 2010
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Hey I noticed that allot of people were having the same problems as me with the screen flickering and the tablet rebooting. Especially under 50% power. I decided to replace the battery to see if that helped. I have not had one reboot since I replaced the battery a week ago.

Batteries seemed to be fairly scarce (US Shipments, not from China) and if you can find them, expensive. Most kits were in the $40-$50 range and not oem batteries. I took a chance on a "new" samsung battery off Ebay that claimed to be oem for about $12. I sent the seller a question asking if it was new and they said yes. To my untrained eye, I am skeptical that it was new. The ESD bag was open and the shrink wrap on the battery had a small cut, but it seems to work just fine. I am not sure if they were pulls from existing tablets or what but it seems to hold a charge well. Here is the link to the battery I purchased and a link to the Youtube instructional video I used to follow to take the battery out. The only thing that was different from the video was a small piece of tape on top of the battery connector. I used tweezers to pull it off and put it back on once I installed the new battery. Hope it helps.

New Genuine T4800E Battery Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8 4" SM T325 T320 T321 4800mAh | eBay
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