Screen Flicker over MHL/HDMI on data transfer


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Dec 12, 2014
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Hello! Just a quick thing I'd like to see if anyone has found a solution for.
First my device and setup:

Verizon SCH-i535
Android Ver: 4.4.2
Rooted using Towelroot, stock
Knox is disabled
SE is set to Permissive

I rooted my device so that I could use the app ARUnchained to use with my Pioneer SPH-DA100 AppRadio2. The AppRadio and connection to it work great. I've rooted a few phones in the past (Droid 1, 2, 3 and 4 that I had, then my Bionic) but never really got into it other than to remove bloatware or run an app or two, so not too much up on recoveries/mods etc. I just feel accomplished when it starts up rooted with no errors/issues every time.

So the problem I'm having has to do with the screen image passed over the HDMI through the MHL adapter. I know there are fake ones out there that don't work as intended and did a lot of research prior to buying all the things I'd need to do the job the right way. Once I figured out the unique adapter needed for the S3 vs other phones, I set out to find the proper one. I settled on the official Samsung EPL 3FHU made just for the S3. I tested it on my 55" TV and it worked fine to play movies stored on my phone. I then set out to do the install into my vehicle.

When connected to the head unit it again displays a great picture however: Whenever there is a data transfer (as indicated by the 3G/4G symbol in the top bar) the screen flickers. Not the whole screen though, just the part being updated. For example, if I'm using Google Maps, the top status bar on the screen remains steady while the map portion flickers each time there is a data transfer. The bottom bar on the Google Maps display (showing current road) also remains steady. If I use Slacker to stream music, the entire portion of the screen that isn't the status bar at the top of the screen flickers again in time with the illumination of the up/down transfer arrows on the 4G symbol. This is kind of annoying to have in your dash flickering in your eye as you cruise along down the highway.

This only occurs on the image sent over the HDMI. The actual phone screen does not flicker at all.

I brought the adapter back inside and connected it to my TV again, but this time I tried streaming Slacker and some YouTube videos to force use of the data connection. It behaves the same way as it does in my vehicle with the flickering on data transfer. I tried a different power supply to the MHL with the same results. I also switched from 3G/4G to my WiFi connection in the house, and again as the transfer of data over WiFi occurs the screen flickers.

If I place the phone into airplane mode, the flicker stops but that defeats the entire purpose of having the phone connected to the dash for Navi/Streaming of music.

If my descriptions are not clear I can try to get a video of it occuring and get it up on YouTube to post here.

Is this just an issue with the GS3 or do other Samsung devices do this too? I searched the Googles and only saw one other instance similar to mine and they never had the question answered as they asked multiple questions and the thread was derailed.

If it's a GS3 problem with my phone, I may just be ready to shove this one out and get a new device that won't flicker and I can root easily to use ARUnchained. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance! :D


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Dec 12, 2014
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You disabled Knox? How did you do that?

I tried to post a link to the page I found that worked for me. I can't post links (not enough activity here ont eh forums from me) so here is a copy/paste of the part that worked for me:

Disable KNOX Using Android Terminal Emulator

1. Install ‘Android Terminal Emulator‘ from Google Play Store.

2. Launch the application and it may prompt you for SuperSU access, just grant it the permission.

3. Type the following commands, which will ultimately disable the Knox Apps running in the background:

[highlight type=”e.g. yellow, black, green, red, grey”] su pm disable com.sec.knox.seandroid [/highlight]

4. Finally this will definitely block Knox on your device.

That was all you needed to know and learn about Samsung KNOX Security and the different ways, How you can Disable or Uninstall it. Hopefully it has worked for you, do let us know and share your experience and also let us know, if you do have another easy way to do it.

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