Screen Mirroring Question


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Jul 20, 2018
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I recently had to buy my parents a cellular phone after my father went missing on a trip to the VA for a doctor's appointment.

I added a line to my current service which is unlimited everything and a 10gb hotspot.

My question is as follows (I searched the forums and didnt see a definitive answer)

I got them a lower end smart phone, a Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve. My dad is a wrestling fanatic. He wants the WWE Network, but doesn't want to watch it on the phone but wants to watch it on his TV. They dont have ANY internet or wifi in their home (My Mom is in her mid 60s and my dad is in his mid 70s)

If I got a Chromecast, would they need wifi in their home to screen mirror the wwe network app from their phone to the TV?


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Feb 12, 2012
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It needs wifi, but it only needs internet to set itself up. Get it set up on your system, then install it in theirs, and it should work - but they'll need a wifi router.


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Jan 11, 2014
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Microsoft Miracast is going to be your friend. I don't have home Internet, and use my phone to stream to my TV via Miracast on a regular basis, I've done to for a few years. Works fine with Samsungs built in screen mirroring in Android. Every device I've tried works with it, but I've only used Samsung Android or Windows devices.

The J3 should support it, should have a quick toggle for either screen mirroring or connect(name has changed with android versions).

The Miracast device I have is made by Belkin and looks a lot like a chromecast and plugs into the HDMI in the same way.

Downside to Miracast vs Chromecast is that it mirrors your screen, so what ever you do on the phone is on the TV, this makes it impossible to use the phone for other tasks while casting.