Screen overlay pop-up windows and how to stop them


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I just started having this problem yesterday. The only apps I've installed recently are Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Here's what happens: say I'm browsing feedly or something and click a link and load it into Flynx. I'll tap the bubble and I'll get a white box over the screen that has a url (or mobile.facebook, something like that) and a message and click ok to do x or whatever. Spammy stuff. The only way to get out of it is to power off.

So is this a facebook thing? Or a Flynx thing? I've cleared the Flynx data and maybe that will fix it. Is there any way to clear these windows when they pop up besides powering off? Would turning off Javascript in Flynx help? This hasn't been an issue before. . . just curious as to whether anyone has some insight.


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Nov 21, 2012
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Overlay ads.... the scourge of mobile browsing. It could very well be possible that Flynx can't handle the ad rendering properly... Have you tried using a different browser as the link target? That would at least give you an idea.

Basically, the only way to avoid those is an ad blocker of some sort... They are horrible, despicable, evil ads... I wish they would die in a fire.