Screen protector for dropped down screen?


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Jun 11, 2012
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Hi. I have recently purchase a tablet, my first tablet! I purchased it online and was excited when it arrived. I like it, but the screen is not flat. The screen actually drops down in the housing leaving a lip around the screen. At first I did not mind it, but a few nights to maul it over And experience with devices designed that way I can see there is going to be a major issue with dust, skin and other little bits getting through the sides of where the lip is and under the screen. My question is, is there a screen protector for this kind of design on a tablet? I was wanting a tablet that had a flat flush screen with the housing much like the kindle fire. I am trying what I can to not have to fork out shipping to send it back, but unless I can find a screen protector that may be my only option. Any ideas? Here is exactly what I purchased, and maybe someone can find a review or info on this model. I have looked everywhere with luck.

XO Vision - eGlide Pro II 7" 4 GB Tablet Computer - Wi-Fi - ARM Cortex A9 1 GHz - eGlide Pro II

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