SD card access problems with Android 5.1, can I get some help?


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SD card access problems with Android 5.1

Use the Audials App that stores recordings in a folder on the SD card "sdcard1/android/data/audials/files/music". Can play this music from Audials or ES file explorer, but only one song after another. But all this music is never added to the stock music player, nor to Google play music and not to the VLC player. Can not select "sdcard1/android/data/audials/files/music" as directory in all these players. The mentioned directory is either not visible, or is greyed out and can not be selected. All hints on the Web (clear cache / data in the music apps, reboot phone) do not help.

Since it is not possible to change the directory in the Audials application (can only select subdirectories below .../data/audials..., but can not go further up in the directory structure), The only solution I found was to copy all the music to a folder "sdcard1/music". With this, all the media players work and find the music. But my music is stored twice on the SD card, and I have to manually copy new recordings to "sdcard1/music". A very bad solution.

I don't know if this is a Honor 5x problem, or a problem on all unrooted Androis 5.x phones. I don't have this problem at all on my rooted Galaxy S3 with Archidroid V3.15 ROM, which is also Android 5.x.

Is there any better solution for this problem? Or is SD card support in Android 5.x really so bad and complicated, or only on the Honor 5x? Thank you in advance for any hint.



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Jan 26, 2013
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Re: SD card access problems with Android 5.1

I don't know if this is the problem as you say your S3 works fine, but it sounds like this folder, "sdcard1/android/data/audials/files/music", might have a ".nomedia" file in it that is disregarded by Audials, but seen by the other music players and your phone. The .nomedia file is hidden, so you won't find it on your phone. You will need to connect your phone to a PC and browse to the Audials music folder to see it. If it's there, simply delete it... (you might want to temporarily copy it to your desktop, just in case)... after that, your other music players and phone should see the files. You might need to restart your phone so the media scanner will pick up the music.

As stated, I don't know if this is what's happening as I don't own a H5x.

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Feb 29, 2016
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Re: SD card access problems with Android 5.1

Thank you for your help!

You where right. There was a .nomedia file in sdcard1/android/data. Have deleted this file. After rebooting the phone, all music from sdcard1/android/data/audials appeared in the stock media player.

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