SD Card Issues


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Aug 17, 2013
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I have a Samsung Note II... Since I've had the phone (in April/May 2013), anytime I put an SD card in the phone, it will work for a bit..... Previously, I had a card, but I didn't use it... Either way, when I would unlock the phone, in my status bar, it would always say 'unmounting SD card; ok to remove SD card; please insert SD card (maybe a few others that I can't remember........)'. I didn't think anything about it - because I had plenty of memory on the phone, and it was just in there. Then, my husband needed the card, so it's been out of my phone for a while... A few weeks ago, I went to a concert and my phone said the memory was full... so I popped the same card in, moved my pics/videos over to the SD card... and since then, it's been saying the same messages that I used to get... So yesterday, I was looking for a pic to send as a text, and ALL --every single one -- ALL OF MY PICTURES that were on the SD card are GONE!!!!! I cannot find them anywhere. I've used the adapter to put the micro SD into my laptop, but it says it has nothing... And even in my status bar, it says that I have a blank SD card in the phone.

Please tell me I haven't lost everything???? I have pics on there that I don't have anywhere else!

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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May 23, 2010
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What size memory card do you have and have you tried to reformat the card? It seems like there is a problem with the device reading the memory card or possible a corrupt card. Reformat the sd card as a start and go from there.


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Dec 4, 2012
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but i still lost everything... there's no way to retrieve those pics and things, correct :(

Try inserting the card in your PC, and right click. Under tools I believe is a method to repair the card. Your PC may even see it right away and ask.

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