Serious snag when flashing nexus 7 2012


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Sep 15, 2016
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I got so tired of 5x running slowly, crashing and otherwise not working properly, and I was yearning for my beautiful and fast running tablet of a couple of months ago (before I foolishly accepted google's OS update to 5x).

I followed the instructions in this video exactly, but when the procedure was done, the device failed to reboot as his does in the video. It just stayed on the bootloader screen. So, and this may have been a mistake, I executed the flash command again. Then I got a message in the terminal saying fastboot had failed. I closed out of the cmd window and tried rebooting the nexus. Now it is stuck on a screen that just says Google and has an unlocked lock icon at the bottom.

So what can I do? Anything? Any ideas?


Ok, I just tried redoing the procedure. I get this error as the rom is being written:
sending 'system' (644062 KB)...
FAILED (data transfer failure (Too many links))
finished. total time: 10.258s

The same thing happened last time... So I am guessing that is the issue. I will try it with an earlier kitkat and see if that goes anywhere.
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