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Server and Certificate errors in public wifi


New member
Aug 31, 2018
I'm so frustrated. I often stop at McDonalds for coffee. And I like to use their public wifi, which in my case appears to be attwifi.

When I'm trying to use the internet I keep getting two errors. The first appears to be from the hotmail mail account I have installed on my phone. The error keeps telling me the certificate is not secure. See attachment one. I've tried researching and am told there is a way to tell my phone to accept ALL certificates, which is fine with me. But I can't find any such option.

Then, when I try to visit websites, many many times I get an error screen telling me my connection is not private. I can not get around that screen. It acts like a brick wall, denying me access. In case it was just Chrome at fault, I tried the Samsung web browser, same thing. See attachment 2.

Can someone help me with a clear step by step on how to get rid of one or both of these error?

I appreciate your time.


  • McD error 1.jpg
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  • McD error 2.jpg
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