Setting Up multiple Google calendars


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Nov 26, 2015
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Have 2 cell phones, 2 tablets and computer all with google calendar and am about to try and start over because can not get all calendars synced (and have some on devices than no longer exist). Unsure how to go about this. Would like to retain my computer calendar and remove all others for devices then start over.
If I share all device calendars with my computer calendar, is this a 2 way relation ship, by that I mean is there a need to sync my Tab A and Tab S4 with each other or is the fact they are both synced with the Computer calendar mean they are synced with each other. Any advice appreciated.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Keep in mind that Google Calendar works best when you're working with calendars that you set up in the cloud, rather than calendars that are only saved locally to a device. On Pixel devices, this is easy, because when you create a calendar event there, it can only be saved to a calendar that's synced to the cloud (and these calendars would then sync automatically with any other device with Google Calendar that's logged into your Google account). But other devices (like Samsung) have options to create a calendar that's only saved to the device (in Samsung's case, it's the calendar shown under "My Calendar") as well as a calendar that's only synced to your Samsung account (the one that's called "Samsung Calendar").

The problem is that if you created a calendar that's only saved to that device, it can be challenging to sync that with your Google account or anywhere else. For calendars saved to the device only, you typically would have to export calendar events to a .csv file, which you can then use to import elsewhere. I don't use Samsung account calendars, so I'm not entirely sure how you'd sync those with other devices that are not Samsung devices -- you could probably export those events as well.

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