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Shared calendar, not mine, is producing an Alarm Clock icon to appear on widgets and status bar

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Essential PH-1
Android 8.1

My wife's Google calendar is shared with me to my Google calendar. Her calendar is visible to me in both the Google Calendar app and Microsoft Outlook.

Items on her calendar, and it took forever for me to figure this out, are making the alarm clock icon display on my clock/weather widget from Microsoft Launcher, the status bar area next to the Wifi and battery icons, my lock screen, and when pull down my notifications, it's on the left hand side of my quick actions.

My calendars aren't producing any of this and there are no alarms in the Clock app.

Super annoying. Any one else going through this? I keep thinking it's something in Microsoft Launcher since I'm in the beta for it and the app updates 99 times a week, but I've searched and search and nothing there seems to change it.

Any advice?