Sharing an Nexus 7 with a minor


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Oct 1, 2010
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I just purchased an N7 for my daughter for Christmas and I am trying to set it up so when she opens it she will have everything she needs. I know that I can set up my gmail account as the master or admin account and I have set her account up using my gmail account (So I didn't set her up with her own gmail account). I am finding that she can access all my e-mails, calendar, contacts etc. Her account is also able to see all the books I have downloaded from the play store. Basically anywhere my gmail account is needed she has access to it. I understand she will have access to the apps, but she normally doesn't go into the All tab of the play store. Plus she is mostly concerned with games and books.

I would like to know the best possible way to be able to share this tablet with her and also have the security so she cannot access my accounts except for google play. I would like for her to have access to certain games I have already downloaded or purchased so she can use them, but add a pin lock security to the account so she cannot purchase anything without the pin. Which I have already set up on my phone and my wife's tablet. I also want her to feel like the tablet is hers and not ours.

If I set her up with her own gmail account can I still use my account to access the play store? What about security of my gmail account, can she see my e-mails, calendar, contacts, etc.?

I have read that I can delete my account under her ID after downloading the apps I think she may want, but then if she wants to download a new game or something like that I will need to re-setup my account and delete it again. Kind of a pain.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm just asking for the best way to get around this or the least painful and most secure way around it.


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Jul 12, 2012
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I don't think you can do that with a stock Nexus 7. If you link her Nexus 7 login to your Google account, then she has access to your GMail and anything else associated with that Google account. If you create a Google account for her, and link that to her Nexus 7 login, then she can't access your GMail but she also can't access your Play store account. In the Google world model, it's a single Google account for multiple services. You may be able to associate your account temporarily to download apps, then un-associate it, but then she wouldn't get anything new you buy. However, depending what she wants, it may be good or bad that she could download free apps to her Nexus 7 using her Google account.

Also, she will have full control of her Nexus 7 unless you install parental controls.


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Mar 16, 2011
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In the stock email app, you can select not to sync your gmail account, add her gmail account (or other email account) and then select to have that one synced.

You can do this other places too, like contacts, etc.

It will not *prevent* her from accessing your files, if she wants to get to your files (and she is left alone with the device) she can do it. But this will eliminate the hassle of her having to see your files when she is using it.