sharing video on youtube when phone is full?


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Jan 14, 2017
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How can i share my gear360 video from the camera when its not enough space on the phone ?

I made an 8-9 min video some weeks ago, and this is ower 1.8gb, when i try save it to phone then it sais not enough memory, when i try upload it to youtube, then it sais not enough memory

Is there NO way i can ever watch the video i have recorder with gear360 when internal memory on phone is full ?

In so case then i can just throw this camera in the trash becuse i will never have enough space on phone for more then a few sec clips.

I have 200gb extrenal SD card installed on phone, but it wont save any vids from gear360 there, and when i search google, then others have talked to samsung about this problem, and they got respond back that its imposible to save the video from gear360 to SD card on phone.

I have tryed move the app to SD card to, and still it want to save the videos on the internal memory.

I can record but cant watch them again. "good job samsung"