Shift "short circuiting"


Oct 17, 2010
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I've had the shift for about a month and it's been very reliable, with no reboots. I've been running it for the better part of a week with a Hyperion 3500 mAh battery, with no problems.

I will also mention that I have App Brain Market, though I have yet to find an app of value. And I have started using GO SMS messaging, which I find more reliable than the stock.

Here are my anomolies:

I started getting regular text messages from AppBrain, about syncing or managing my recent apps. It got so annoying, I killed the AppBrain app with watchdog.

Last night I started getting regular texts about getting a mail message that exceeds capacity. This has continued into this morning, despite deleting a lot of messages.

This morning I started getting texts saying: something about upgrading or buying something and giving me a link to go to to opt out.

A short while ago, my phone froze on one of those messages then spontaneously rebooted. When it came up, all the apps on my card were not recognizing, and the device was very unresponsive.

Here are the steps I took:

I rebooted again with no success.

I rebooted into recovery mode and got a red triangle with an exclamation point, at which time,

I had to pop and replace the battery, and the device would not restart at all.

I then swapped for my stock battery and got it to come up and function, though the boot and recognition of apps on the card took much longer than usual.

THEN, I switched back to my Hyperion battery and all has been well for about 20 minutes.

I am using replacement SMS (GO SMS) and a replacement camera, and storing whatever apps I can on the card. I am also using watchdog for app managment, not task killing. And I only have my clock widget and people widget running. What could be doing this? I was very spoiled by the reliability up til now. What could it be? Oh, and I am not rooted at all.

Thanks for any help

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