Size, one-handedness, and portability


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Jul 10, 2010
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I just wanted to add some comments that while many having been saying, 'It's too big!,' I actually find that the size is fine, even though I have small hands. For general web browsing and typing, I can one-hand the device most of the time (my pinky supports it at the bottom; the rest of my fingers are splayed out on the back). Only things at the very top or the upper left corner I use my left hand to safely hit. I also have always used Swiftkey's Flow to type, so I re-sized it and put the keyboard on the right side allowing me to easily one-thumb gesture 'type.'

I also wear slim fitting jeans, and the phone fits in my pocket completely, and it isn't uncomfortable when I'm sitting down with it in there. If I'm wearing a jacket (which is rare in Southern California), I'll slip it into an inside or chest pocket. Otherwise I find that handling the device and its size is completely manageable. You adapt pretty quickly and all that screen real estate is great for general usage.

Just my 0.02 for those who're on the fence about the size.