Sleep tracking went crazy


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Mar 5, 2020
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When the Samsung Health app changed a few days ago the sleep tracking really changed. I didn't think it was accurate before because it was not seeing the times I know I wake up, but now it's all messed up. I can guarantee that I 1) didn't wake up that much last night and 2) didn't get nearly that much deep sleep. I am a not great sleeper who usually gets about 15 minutes of deep sleep total. I know it'll mark it as awake when I roll but I don't move that much either.

Anyone else noticing differences in the last week?
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Jul 14, 2011
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Other than the new layout/info display, mine seems to be pretty much similar to before. Have you changed your wristband or maybe clean the back of the watch (I know this shouldn't matter much for 'restlessness', but I think the watch uses the O2 and HR sensors for the stage estimation as well... ).

In the past version I did notice that when it's colder in my room, the watch needs to be 'more snug' than when it's warmer.

PS: I should add that I'm on a Watch 5, however...
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Feb 3, 2011
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The sleep tracking on my watch 6 classic has never felt very reliable. Every once in a while it hands out totally bonkers sleep readings that aren't possible. I bought the watch 6 classic directly from Samsung and got it a few days before official release.

Before this watch I used an Apple Watch 8 Ultra and that is a total beast of a watch. The Watch 8 Ultra is literally twice the price of the watch 6 classic but I would gladly pay the extra if Samsung put out a similar watch. I still have the watch 8 Ultra but can't use it with a Sammy phone and I can't go back to an iPhone --- ever! So I'll have to live with the watch pro 6 for now but hope Samsung does some serious enhancements/improvements on their watch products soon.