Slowness after 2 years S21 Ultra


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Nov 18, 2009
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It's now 2 years since I got my s21 ultra from AT&T with very lousy 5G results for a phone that's $1,400. Pretty pathetic. There are times when I go into Facebook and there I replies to open and I hate it nothing happens so I have to shut all the open programs down and go back in and I'm able to link to the reply. There are longer pauses now and the phone just doesn't have the zip that it used to have. My fear is that the only thing to do in that case is to a factory reset and I hate that. Also after 2 years the battery is starting to wear down quicker and I am wondering if there's a video anywhere I'm replacing the battery for the s21 ultra. I do have insurance with AT&T so maybe I can have them replace it I don't know what the standards are or how long they take because I don't want to send the phone away and have to wait 2 weeks to get it back. That doesn't work for me. My last phone was an LG v40 and the battery on that one expanded and expanded and it's got to be replaced. I bought a new battery for it but I haven't had time to install it. I can do that one I don't know that I can do the s21 ultra.

So are you all finding this slowness also two years out ? The data speeds I'm getting are just dreadful and sometimes it's impossible to send a text message. When you call AT&T they say all you need is 10 megabytes a second which is complete BS, otherwise why we spending so much money for phones?

I used to use the Android Central app but I guess that doesn't exist anymore and the only way to get back on here is through the web.

It's good to be back here.

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J Dubbs

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Jun 4, 2016
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Have you tried a cache partition wipe? Then follow that up with the repair apps option in the same recovery mode as the partition wipe, just down at the bottom of the list.

Then use the Galaxy App Booster from Good Guardians in the Galaxy App Store. That's going to be fairly close to what a factory reset would do for you... you'd be surprised 😉

Also if you have lots of apps installed they can start to take a toll on battery life and phone speed over time. Especially as they update and get bigger and more battery and CPU intensive. I'd dump any you don't use regularly.

Also 5G is notorious for having wildly varying speeds... get the Samsung Band Selector from the Google Play Store, and use it to switch to 4G/LTE only and see if you're speeds improve.

You can always switch back and forth between the 2 to get the best speeds for the area you're in.

And welcome back 👍😀


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Jul 12, 2010
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Mine still running good after over 2.5 years. I do at least one factory reset every year to keep things fresh. Smart switch is awesome. Almost traded it for the s23 ultra but glad I waited. Might bite on the 24 ultra if samsung has good trade in values.

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