SMS Backed Up, Restored, Now Looking Weird


May 8, 2013
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Hi all,

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 but to be honest the problems started earlier, with my HTC Sensation. Currently running the latest stock ROM available to EE (UK) users.

I downloaded and installed SMS Backup & Restore, which I needed to transfer my SMS's from an HTC Sensation to a replacement HTC Sensation. Ever since I did that, some of my threads have been mislabelled.. and this goes in particular for the longer threads.

As an example:
- Normally SMS conversations (with a saved contact) are labelled with the contact name, and the phone number below (Eg: "John Smith", "+44 777 123 4567"). If you tap on the "call" button on the top right you can call the contact directly. If you tap the contact name you can view/edit the contact. And if you tap on "Enter message" at the bottom of the screen, you can add to the thread.
- In my case, the label on top, instead of being labelled "John Smith" says " "Smith, John"<+447771234567> ", with no phone number below. There is no "call" button on the top right. Tapping on the name gives you the choice to add the whole thing in quotation marks as a new or existing contact. Trying to type something into "Enter message" gives the following error: "Unable to send this message: Invalid recipients entered", because it's trying to send a message to an alphanumeric instead of a valid number.

The only way around this has been to always create a new message, and selecting the contact as a recipient. When the SMS is sent it appears at the end of the conversation, and it looks for a second like the contact is labelled normally. However if I exit the conversation and go back in I see the same problem as before.

I tried the following fixes:
- Editing the SMS backup file directly, then restoring from it.. but this had no effect. Perhaps I did it wrong.
- Adding the incorrect label as an extra number for my contact. No help
- Changing / deleting the contact number temporarily. No help as the label stays the same

Any help would be appreciated.