SMS Pictures selectively saving


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Feb 9, 2017
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Ok so I have security officers who send me violation pictures throughout the night. Each set comes in seperately and ultimately the pictures are given the same names as a group. Imagejpeg_0.jpg, Imagejpeg_1.jpg, Imagejpeg_2.jpg

What I like to do is in the SMS app I tap "More" then "Album" so that I can multiselect and save everything in 1 shot. On the Samsung Express 3 I used to have it was never an issue. The duplicates names were always altered to Imagejpeg_0.jpg, Imagejpeg_0(1).jpg, Imagejpeg_0(2).jpg

The Galaxy s6 does not seem to do this. I check off 23 pictures to save and it only saves 15 of them.

Can anyone help me out please?