So did the G5 flopped?


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Jan 26, 2017
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I've owned a G5 (three actually, one for me and two for my wife) since launch and love it. It's lightning fast, has a fast and accurate fingerprint sensor, great camera, and charges ridiculously fast too.


The battery life isn't quite as good as other current flagship phones, but I've largely remedied that with my own screen brightness program. The stock auto-adjust is almost twice as bright as you'd need at nearly all times when indoors.

Also, the screen isn't quite as nice as an iPhone or Samsung. Most people can't even tell but I'm a stickler. It has a noticeably cool color hue and the contrast is only OK, making whites slightly bluish and blacks slightly grayish when compared to the other screens. If I'm being super analytical, I can also see a slight light bleed at the edges on an all black screen (only on mine, my wife's has none).

But hey, I can swap my battery!

That's something none of the other flagship phones can do anymore. I don't break my phones much so I only really upgrade them when they're slow. Because of that, replacing the battery when it loses its full capacity instead of having to replace the whole phone is a big plus for me. Also, the excellent charging speed makes it not much of an issue, and the fact that my phone is never on a cord to charge is also a big positive. I only charge batteries, when my phone is low, I simply swap the battery instead of plugging it in.

As for the screen, it's still very vivid, bright, crisp, and responsive. It's the easiest to use outside that I've ever owned.

Also, you'll pay nearly half what a Samsung or iPhone costs and it's just as capable. I'm very happy with it. Most won't even notice the shortcomings I've listed, I'm a rather ANALytical guy when it comes to comparing stuff... lol


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Jul 15, 2015
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It does have a few shortcommings but they are not too bad. As already said the device does preform well and you can find better deals on it than phones like S7 or iphone. I paid 459 for mine in late September at B&H. They included a spare battery. Battery charging cradle and a vivio fit3 band for that price. At the time s7 was about 669 and in demad due to the note7 recalls

I will say that battey life is a liitle short but better than my s5 was. I have a quick charge 3.0 charger at home and in my Jeep. I plug in for a little power up when I go anywhere and it charges so fast. I have yet to unwrap the spare bsttery so far. Mine did have a slight fit and finish issue where the battery tray meets the main body of the phone but i use a case so its not ever seen or felt in use. While the swappable module idea never really caught on and it may be a sales flop its a good mid size flagship phone I think it meets my exptations for Performance and since its not as loved by all you can score a good deal on it.


Mar 6, 2012
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I just saw a post on Facebook saying LG's revenues weren't as strong of late due to the G5 (despite sales of the V20); however, that is not to say that it is a bad phone. I personally think it's a great device and just because it's not right for some, doesn't mean it's not right for others. As with all products, some people will love them and want to buy them; whereas others will steer clear and go for something else that suits them more.


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Jul 24, 2012
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I don't own the G5 I was looking into buying it but a friend told me to stay clear. With that said did the G5 flop?

No it didn't Flipped! From bad implementation of a modular a very good smart phone with great competing features and performance to current standards. Because of the size, camera and CPU.....the phone is actually a great smartphone. I got one slightly used in 9.5/10 shape for $250......I think I got the best bang for my buck.