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Jul 25, 2018
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I have an S7 and a few weeks ago installed the 8.0 Oreo update. Yesterday I received a software update notification to update to "G930PVPU7CRG3" baseband version (I thought I may have seen also to 8.0.4 android version).

I should have had more power left before beginning but I stared at the screen, installed the update, and then right before or after restart I saw a message that said "low battery, cannot install firmware" (was about 10%) which disappeared quickly before I could push "OK." After reboot there was the "finishing android update" dialogue and the progress bar completed even though I'm almost positive I did not plug in (this was all done at a very late/early hour). I do not recall if I saw that "system update complete" chekmark notification. There is a slight chance that firmware update message came up at this point but I don't think so.

I went to check the baseband version and it was updated to the latest one I listed above. Android version still. 8.0.0. "Last update information" says it was installed successfully and I am looking at the update dialogue; for versions I don't see anything about moving to 8.0.4 just that baseband version change. Now I remember I got 8.0.4 from googling the new baseband version. I saw something that said "USA Sprint Android files 8.0.4."

Here are my questions:

*Are firmware updates the same as baseband/software updates? Further, are baseband and android software updates the same thing? When I updated to Oreo does that mean I updated my baseband?

*Is there even an 8.0.4?

*Since the baseband version updated successfully to G930PVPU7CRG3 does that mean that the firmware update was also successful? If not, (it still shows I'm at 8.0.0 if that matters). Is there a way to do a manual firmware version check and update?

Apologies this is so long-winded.

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