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Oct 10, 2013
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Found this article, not sure if someone has already posted it, but feel free to ridicule me, as a newblet I'm expecting it. Oh and some of the tips are pretty obvious....

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Top 30 Tips and Tricks for Hidden Features, Personalisation, Battery Saving and Memory Management - International Business Times

1. Missing S Pen Alert
Never lose the S Pen or you'll lose half of the Galaxy Note 3's main functionality as a consequence. In order for the Galaxy Note 3 to alert you when the S Pen is left somewhere, go to Settings > Controls > S Pen > uncheck Turn off pen detection > check the S Pen keeper. Once the phablet's screen is off, the device will alert you that the S Pen is missing and if you press "okay", it won't give an alarm the next time unless you put the S Pen back on its dock.

2. Glove Mode

Aside from great response in writing and drawing using the S Pen, the Galaxy Note 3 can also detect touch gesture with your gloves on, but you need to enable that option. Go to Settings > Controls > Increase touch sensitivity > turn it on.

3. One Hand Typing Mode
Small-handed users will have a hard time typing on its huge display screen but Samsung did something on its keyboard to enable one-hand typing. Go to Settings > Controls > One-handed operation > check Use for all screens. Check other boxes if desired.

4. Swipe Gestures
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features swipe gestures or typing mode which uses line drawing throughout the virtual keyboard to create words. Swipe controls work with S Pen accessory.

5. Quite Sleep
Avoid getting bugged by notifications during your beauty sleep and enable its notifications blocker anytime you want. Go to Settings > Device > Blocking mode > set Blocking mode options > uncheck Turn alarm and timer. This feature does not reject messages, calls, emails or any other notifications; it simply keeps the sounds and LED quite.

6. Colour Toning
In case you are annoyed by the brightness and colour of the Galazy Note 3's screen display, there is a way to configure these features according to the desired level. Go to Settings > Device > Display > Screen mode > Professional photo or movie > tone down the screen. Although it doesn't produce significant changes, the feature certainly helps at times.

7. Strong Vibrations
Some vibrations can be irritating and even produces a sound almost like a ringtone. If you don't like it, control the intensity. Go to Settings > Device > Sound > Vibration intensity > adjust all options accordingly. Configuring this will also allow you to intensify the vibration so you can feel notifications when the device is on your purse or backpack.

8. Battery Percentage
Don't be blindsided by battery level information as you continue to use your phablet intensively. Go to Settings > Device > Display > Show battery percentage. This is a way of knowing how much more energy is left on your device.

9. Motion Controls
Bloatware are so common among Samsung devices. The Galaxy Note 3 feature loads of them which can be annoying sometimes. Go to Settings > Controls > Motion control and choose among the following features:

a. Air Gestures > Quick Glance: For quick look at the screen by waving your hand

b. Air view mode or Stylus Hovering: Popping of larger images from thumbnails when the S Pen is hovered on them.

c. Air Command: Quickly add recent attachments and frequent recipients by hovering on respective fields.

d. Motions and Palm Motions Off

e. Smart screen > Smart stay: Detect your eyes when you're looking at the screen.

10. Search for Settings
Find hidden features on your Galaxy Note 3 by using the "search your settings" feature. From home screen > Menu key > Settings > Search.

11. Quick Settings
If you want to change the quick settings toggles on the notifications bar, simply Pull down notifications bar, tap the "Square" icons at the top right, tap the "Pencil" icons at the top right, drag available buttons to the panel and re-order by dragging and dropping.

12. Quick Launch Icons
You can add apps on your lock screen via Quick Launch icons feature. Go to Shortcuts > Turn it on > customise which icons you want.

13. Widgets on Lock Screen
Add widgets on the lock screen such as mail clients or messaging app. Multiple widgets > Turn it on > Favourite apps.

14. Contact Info and Personal Message Customisation

In case you have lost your phablet, contact information will be helpful for a good Samaritan to find you. So put the any contact information such as name and email address to the screen of your device.

15. Creating Memos
You don't need to unlock the device just to add memos by enabling Action Memo on Lock screen inside your device settings. Now, hold down the S button on the screen and tap anywhere twice on the lock screen to create a memo.

16. Shortcuts on the Home screen
Here are some buttons on your home screen which can provide extra functions:

a. Hold back button for Multi-Window

b. Double press home button for S Voice

c. Hold home button for Recent Apps, Task Manager and Google Now

d. Press home button for My Magazine

e. Swipe up from home button for My Magazine

f. Hold menu button for S Finder

g. Press menu button for editing the home screen, access settings and read help documents

Extra Customisations and Functionalities

17. Stop Air Command
Air Command can be amazing. But once the menu pops up whenever you pull out the S Pen, it can be a source of annoyance. To avoid this, go to Settings > Controls > S Pen > Pen detachment options > None.

18. Screenshot
This is another trick for users who love taking screenshots even without the Air Command. Hold the Home and Power keys at the same time to produce a screenshot of anything displayed on the screen.

19. Screen Writer
After a screenshot, the Galaxy Note 3 will automatically bring you to editing mode. Here, you can add things using the S Pen to make the capture more creative.

20. No Editing after Screenshot
If you prefer screenshot captures as they are, go to Settings > Device > Display > Edit after screen capture. Select the option which turns it off to prevent editing mode after a screenshot capture.

21. Senior Citizen Saver
If your grandparents are the recipient of a Galaxy Note 3 and you are worried the device will suck their eyes and brains out, set the device into Easy Mode. Go to Settings > Device > Easy mode > Activate. The Galaxy Note 3 will make itself user-friendly to almost anyone, especially first-time smartphone users.

22. Alphabetise Your App Drawer
More apps means more fun, but more icons on the App Drawer will clutter it. So put them in order so you can search or look at names more efficiently. Open the App Drawer > Menu key > View type > Alphabetical List or Grid.

23. Hi Galaxy!
Activate the fancy power of the S Voice application even if the device is locked. Double tap home button or open S Voice from app drawer > Menu key > Settings > Wake up command > Voice wake-up on. Now, the Galaxy Note 3 will respond after you say "Hi Galaxy + (command)."

24. Creating Personal Commands
You can teach the Galaxy Note 3 to understand your own commands whenever the S Voice is active. Go to Settings > Device > Lock screen > Wake up in lock screen > Wake up function > Change function. In addition, the S Voice control can be configured in terms of wider voice understanding and manual per application command customisation. Just go to Settings > Controls > Voice Control.

Battery Optimisation and Memory Management

25. Disable Wireless Connections

If you are not using mobile data connection, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC or GPS, turn them off to save more juice on the battery.

26. Manage Features
Don't use all Samsung features while wireless connections are active or the battery will be out in no time. Manage which features are more useful to you. Activate them and disable others instead.

27. Brightness and Screen Timeout

Lower the brightness to the comfortable and readable level to save more energy and then shorten the screen timeout to a minimum. Screen consumes around 50 percent of total battery consumption among mobile devices.

28. Wallpaper
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features Super AMOLED screen. The device can save more energy if the wallpaper has more black in it - the darker, the better. Moreover, use static wallpaper instead of live ones to reduce battery consumption.

29. Kill Applications
Use the built-in task manager and kill apps you are not using anymore. Use the Back key instead of the Home key to close apps and uninstall some which you do not use often.

30. Power Saving Mode
Samsung installed a power saver on the Galaxy Note 3. When it is gasping for battery, turn it on and disable wireless connection to extend its life for the day or until you are home.

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