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Hi guys, I'm pretty new to speech assistants and speech-to-text apps, hopefully I get some help here :)

I'm looking for a app/assistant to do one simple task for me:

- speech-to-text todo list note
- autosave it after/during recording
- read it for me using machine voice after save (or any time after)

It would also be cool if this app would have some nice typical todo/notes interface and also some function to choose similar words when misheard. But this is not as important as the three points above.

I've tried ListNote app already, but the interface is a little bit confusing for me. I've also tried Voice notes from gawk, but there is no option to choose from similar words when misheard. Anyway, both apps can not read what I dictated, which is pretty important to me. I've also tried some others, all worked more like text file editors and the only one that could play me my note back was just plaing the recording (i my ugly voice :D :( ).

Does anybody know about some app or assistant, which works the way I want it to? Some assistant may be better than note apps, but I don't have any experience with these. Please help!


Nov 29, 2018
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It is just a basic android UI on the G5 so I don't have experience with the new LG UI's and have no explerience with Samsungs UI One UI?
I have used google pay which is fine, Neve owned a Samsung so no Samsung pay
Don' use music or headphones much, but like the option.

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