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Swiping from last to first page on Note 3.


New member
Oct 24, 2014
I feel like I have looked everywhere for this feature and can't do it. I want to swipe from the last to the first page directly without having to go through the other pages to do it.
For example:

Let's say I have 5 pages with the middle page 3 being my home screen. I want to be able to swipe from page 5 straight to page 1 without having to swipe down through pages 4, 3, and 2. This was something standard with the Galaxy S phones (I had each one of them) but had to switch to the Note 3 since it was provided by my company.

Please help me out. I actually have 8 pages of apps and widgets that I use regularly, so swiping from 8 down to 1 takes more time than I would like. I shouldn't be complaining about technology since it is so amazing, but since I was spoiled by this feature before, I would like to have it still. Any options?