Syncing Outlook Email with Android Phone


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Mar 15, 2014
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I don't have a smart phone yet but I'm buying a Samsung Galaxy S4 very soon. My ISP is Time Warner Cable and I use their Roadrunner email. The incoming server is POP and the outgoing is SMTP. I have outlook 2013 on my PC to manage emails, contacts, tasks, calendar, and notes. I have been researching ways to sync Outlook between my PC and phone. I have found several apps and programs that will sync contacts, Tasks, Calendar, and notes but so far as I can see, there are none that will do 2 way syncing of emails between Outlook 2013 on my PC and the S4. I can't believe with all the technology out there today somebody hasn't figured out a way to do this. If anybody out there has a way of doing 2 way syncing dirctly between the phone and Outlook on the PC please let me know. I'm not very tech savvy so I have come up with the following work-around. Please tell me is you think it will work and if there is a better way. I will set up my roadrunner email account on my S4. I have outlook 2013 set to leave a copy of downloaded emails from roadrunner on the server. That way all emails sent to me will show up on my phone email inbox and in the outlook inbox on my PC. If I reply to, forward, or send an email from outlook on my PC and I want it to show up on my phone I will bcc myself. If I send, reply to, or forward and email form my phone and I want it to show up in Outlook on my PC I will bcc myself. There be duplicates created on both ends. On the PC I have an outlook add-in called NoMoreDupes which will delete any duplicate emails in my inbox. On the S4, I'll just have to delete the duplicates.


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Aug 23, 2010
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I use k-9 mail. I just tell it my Roadrunner servers & account info. Works fine except when I send mail from my phone it doesn't show up on my PC unless I set it to send a copy to my Roadrunner address. I use Outlook rules to move it to sent folder. Also if I send email from PC it doesn't show up on the phone's sent folder.


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Jun 5, 2014
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I struggled badly with not being able to sync my contacts and calendar from my GS5 to my Office365 Outlook account (it worked fine from my laptop to my GS5). The "standard" way of setting this up (driven by my GS5) didn't work. After many phone calls and a lot of dead-end online solutions, I was able to finally get it to work by the following:

- "Accounts", "Microsoft Exchange Activ", then manually configure the setup per the following
- E-Mail address: Enter in your email address
- Domain/username: forwardslash and your email address (e.g. \
- Password: Enter in your Office365/Outlook password
- Exchange Server (THE BIGGIE):
- Check the "Use Secure Connection (SSL)"

Hope this helps

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