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System wide notifications?


Trusted Member
Sep 16, 2012
Is it just me, or does it seem like the general notification sound is applied to just about all of the apps now? If I have the notification sound set to, as an example, Verizon Alert, it affects the phone app and I get the "Verizon Alert" right before the phone rings. If I go into the phone app settings, it takes me to the system settings for the phone, not the app. Now this is the Phone by Google app, so that may be the issue.

Maybe one of these last updates just reset all of my custom app notification sounds and I need to tweak them again.


AC Moderator
Feb 6, 2017
Not all but lot of apps if you long press that app then tap info scroll to notificationand tap each category if you tap.has a submenu where you can change the notification tone