T-Mobile Galaxy S3 First Impressions/Reviews

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Nov 28, 2010
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Hello everyone,

The purpose of this thread, is to hear members thoughts & opinions on how the Samsung Galaxy S3 stacks up amongst a suggested list of attributes:

  • Aesthetics
  • Screen
  • Hardware
  • Phone - including bluetooth & speakerphone usage
  • Overall User Interface (including TouchWiz)
  • Widgets
  • Signal quality (Compared to other devices)
  • GPS
  • Social Networking
  • Email/Calendar
  • Battery Life
  • Performance
  • Media (music, movies, DLNA)
  • Keyboard's
  • Camera (both still & video)
  • How the Galaxy S3 compares to your previous smartphone (if applicable)
  • Disappointments (if any)

Feel free to provide as little or as much detail as possible, while trying to make it as useful as possible. Hopefully this will help others who are considering the Galaxy S3, but would like to hear some user feedback first. Also, please do not review the Galaxy S3 prior to having one ;)

And if you read a review that you found helpful, please use the Thanks button to show them your appreciation!
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Jan 1, 2011
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Re: T-Mobile Galaxy S III First Impressions/Reviews

So far i really like the phone...
Screen - really nice, clear and BIG
Speaker sounds good on the back
Still trying to get use to the touch wiz... i really liked ICS on my nexus s!
Widgets... ok nothing over the top so far
Signal is better then the nexus s
GPS works
Social networking... facebook works... dont know what else there is for this category
Gmail works good, i havent set up other emails
Battery life is ok... had 40% left at 5pm with normal use
Not a big fan of swype for a keyboard
Camera is awesome... takes pics fast and has a lot of new features
Overall compared to my nexus s its a much nicer phone... 4g.. hd.and thin!
So far the one thing i didnt like is the clock feature... on the nexus s when you click on the clock feature is bring up a clock and i can use it all night as a clock...


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Jun 10, 2011
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Re: T-Mobile Galaxy S III First Impressions/Reviews

Local T-Mobile just got a Pebble Blue live demo and I got a little time to play with it and here's my takeaways.

  • The Pebble Blue is amazing looking. People are right, pictures simply don't do it justice. It looks so good in person and definitely stands out in a very good way.
  • The weight of the phone "seems" marginally heavier than say the S2, but in a very good way. It feels more substantial and very well built and not cheap feeling like Samsung has been criticized for in the past.
  • The phone is big, but it definitely fits comfortable in the hand and I'm a small guy. For comparisons sake, the HTC One X and Razr Maxx actually feel large and uncomfortable to me and even though on paper the S3 is bigger it definitely fits nicely in the hand and doesn't feel as big as the others. Kudos to Samsung
  • The screen is sharp. Real sharp. Only us geeks will complain about it being pentile but honestly if no one had said it was Pentile only those people who literally would take a magnifying glass to it would notice. It's bright, but not as bright as say the One X, but once again, only something you'd notice in side-by-side or if you've seen the One X and just have a good memory. The screen colors though i think are more accurate than the One X. This, of course, is personal preference. Bright and oversaturated One X or a little more subtle, but (I think) more accurate colors S3.
  • Touchwiz is definitely toned down in a good way and as someone who has loathed Touchwiz to the point that it's kept me away from Samsung products (*cough* me *cough*) I'm happy to say it's quite nice and refreshing. Perhaps maybe I'm just tired of using things like GoContacts or something, but I definitely didn't mind the stock apps this time around. It would have been nice had they stuck with the ICS layout instead of the Gingerbread, but the screen, color selection and gestures make up for it.
  • It's neat that the stock SMS app has customization settings for changing the background and text bubble colors/style. I didn't notice if you could select background colors beyond the half a dozen that were present for each setting, but it was still nice to see you have the option.
  • The phone is fast as you'd expect...at least on their non-adultered demo unit. No problems launching app after app and jumping between apps. Didn't miss a beat.
  • Camera is rock solid and at least in my quick impressions it was every bit as good as the One X that people compare it to. It's fast, excellent color reproduction (at least in the well lit room that I was in) and had a great dynamic lighting effects to the images that made them seem semi-professional despite being auto settings.
  • Did I mention how crazy sexy the Pebble Blue is? I did? Well, it's worth mentioning again. Definitely happy I preordered this color. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT IN PERSON.
  • Home button feels solid and is "clicky" in a sophisticated way. For you iPhone fans, you'll feel right at home. It's narrow, but I didn't feel like it was uncomfortably narrow and has a solid feel to it.
  • I didn't like the calendar in pictures, but for some reason, Samsung's calendar is quite nice in person. The layout just seems like it should be that way stock. Easy to use, good looking and functional.

  • Home button response time (I read that this is easily remedied though by getting rid of the S-Voice double tap) is a little slow. Definitely takes 1-2 seconds to do anything if you just press it once.
  • Doesn't use stock ICS folder behavior, meaning you cannot drag an icon on top of another to create a folder. You have to use old screen way of going through menus to create and then name AND THEN drop icons into it. I'm ASSUMING Samsung did this because of that new patent that was just revealed (Samsung Invents New Ways of Handling Folders on Android - Patent Bolt) and possibly to avoid lawsuit with Apple (can they sue Apple for this even though ICS has it stock?). This is a big enough gripe for me that I will end up using Apex or Nova. Otherwise, honestly have no gripes with the stock launcher.

Overall, considered me very satisfied...and that was just after spending a little time with it in store.


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Oct 22, 2011
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Re: T-Mobile Galaxy S III First Impressions/Reviews

Copy paste from XDA.

I don't own the phone yet but I did go to my local T-mobile store. They had both the white and blue one right next to each other. To be honest, I'd be happy with either of them. It's hard to decide. The blue doesn't look blue at all to me, at least not in the T-mobile lighting with tons of natural light pouring in from the windows. It is grey brushed aluminum in the front (like a lot of Asus laptops) and the back is a very shiny chrome. Looks very similar to packaging for crackers and misc snacks (teddy grahams!) or those anti-static bags for hard drives and motherboards. The white looks cleaner and is...white. The contrast with the silver rim also looks better in white.

The first thing I noticed was how completely different the phone felt compared to other Samsung phones I've used or owned. It's actually solid feeling this time. Really solid feeling. And dense. Weight is well distributed, no hollowness anywhere. The glazed back cover and body is really tough feeling and doesn't bend or creak. The toughest feeling Samsung phone I've felt by far. In comparison, the GS2 was a little squishy on the sides and soft with slight flex on the back. Mind you this is still much better than the original Galaxy S and many other phones. The HTC One X (I've literally handled all four grey/white demos multiple times at my ATT store) is always soft and hollow feeling and has a ton of flex and empty space inside. Feels like handling a toasted sandwich bun with electronics inside, or a thick rubber case that's more a case than an actual hard phone body. I really have to commend Samsung for answering all the b*tching I've been doing about flimsy feeling phone bodies. The GS3 is probably the most solid, super hard, and unibody feeling phone I've handled to date. It really does feel like a solid pebble. I have a lucky rock I keep on my desk that is also shiny. Has the same sort of solid feel and glazed lustrous look (the white does at least, the blue is more like a faux mirror...).

The front glass feels very tough and smooth, tougher feeling than the One X, and much better than the galaxy s ii which is eggshell soft. I think the GS2 had some coating that made it feel so soft.The silver edges are not very shiny. They are more akin to the Amaze 4G rim than the crappy shiny chrome rim the galaxy s ii (and various other samsung phones) have and feels like a part of the phone instead of something glued on. Feels nice and hard and secure. It also extends very little to none above the glass, which is sort of bad for durability if you drop it face first (I did with my GS2 and the rim saved it) but makes for a much more premium looking and feeling device. Running my fingers along the glass and having it drop off to the rim instead of hitting it makes it feel very premium. They are copying the Apple design here, but doesn't matter to me. I think the HTC One X went too far with the waterfall design here, and they don't have a faux metal rim for the effect, just their soft polycarbonate, which feels like a case for the glass instead of something fused and part of the phone.

Another thing I was not expecting was the home button. I've never liked raised Samsung home buttons (Samsung Wave, Focus Flash) but this is flush with a slight indent and it really changed my mind about it. It doesn't feel cheap or that it will wear down over time, but I'll have to see how usable it actually is over a capacitive one. Even if it is less usable, it already feels much nicer than the button on my iPad and something I would definitely see myself pushing idly with my thumb repeatedly (like the button on a retractable pen).

The screen is miles ahead of my streak ridden t-mobile galaxy s ii. I didn't see any banding or dithering or pixelation or streaks, just nice, smooth, clean, even, high contrast, high resolution, sharp, with punchy but not gaudy and bleeding colors. The skyrocket at my ATT store has the brightness all the way up and seriously the phone looks defective, like its glowing and bleeding its colors furiously through the pores of the screen, under indoor lighting. My GS2 would probably do the same too, but I only have it up to 50%, so it looks dingy and streaky instead. Yeah I'm just trying to say the HD pentile display on the GS3 is miles ahead of the Amoled+ low res stuff of yesteryear in so many ways.

In comparison to the One X, I still fail to be impressed by its LCD screen. My iPad 2 screen looks impressive, but I have yet to be impressed by an IPS LCD on a phone. It's because I can always see that glowing liquid crystal negative polarizer thing on all IPS phones, including the iPhone, especially on whites, and it ruins the look and makes it more difficult for me to see the screen, even head on. The contrast is also much lower. LCDs look way smoother to me, but the new HD screen makes that a non-issue now and focus shifts to how much of a contrast disparity the two screens have. With real blacks, infinite viewing angles (I can clearly see the color shifts on the One X and iPhone), and everything else, the GS3 really feels like what AMOLED was supposed to look like and as a real successor to LCD tech. Also love the 4.8" size. The One X screen feels a lot smaller because of the black border, and kind of dazed and fuzzier (because of the lower contrast and sleepy warm colors).

I wonder how much I'll write when I actually own this phone...

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Jun 15, 2013
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Re: T-Mobile Galaxy S III First Impressions/Reviews

Aesthetics: Amazing,Beautiful
Screen: Colorful,Beautiful,
Hardware: Fast,Great keyboard,EasySetup
Phone - including bluetooth & speakerphone usage: Bluetooth:Great Signality Speakerphone: Loud,Bassey<3
Overall User Interface (including TouchWiz): Fast
Widgets: Easy Moving,Customizeiable
Signal quality (Compared to other devices): Medium in my house but outside, Full signal unlike the Iphone 4/4s/5
GPS:GOOD,Shows GPS Icon on top of notification.
Social Networking: Great keyboard,Fast
Email/Calendar: Cool,useful, able to use with sync Facebook.
Battery Life: 4.1.1 REALLY GOOD 4.1.2 Poor
Performance: Fast: Jellybean4.1.1 Mid: 4.1.2
Media (music, movies, DLNA): Love S beaming with cousin,Music is great with bass when with headphone and Movies on netflix has little grey boxes when not good signal on netflix.
Keyboard's:Love swype
Camera (both still & video): Better than Iphone
How the Galaxy S3 compares to your previous smartphone (if applicable): Faster,Loadfaster,Better Battery life,Stylish,Bigger,Better than Galaxy S 4G& GS2.
Disappointments (if any): 4.1.2 Is slower and Laggier.