T9 keypad for my S6 needed, any suggestions?


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T9 keypad for my S6 needed

Ok, so don't all scream at once but I hate texting using the qwerty keypad....I am old school typist and my brain is conditioned to typing using all my fingers and I know where each letter is on the qwerty keyboard and assign a finger for each letter if that makes sense. I'm too old to change my ways and on my old htc phone I was able to download an old style abc t9 keypad which worked brilliantly and was free. I t was called Smart keyboard but it doesn't seem to be available any more.
Does anyone know of a similar keyboard I could download please. I have only just got the S6 and I'm still getting used to it after the htc and not too sure where is best place to download the new keyboard from. Thanks for any help, Maura.